A Closer Look at Avant-Garde Menswear

It’s all too often that women hear, “Why do you wear those heels? They don’t look comfortable.” Or, “Wearing that dress can’t be practical…” Sometimes this comes from other women, but let’s be honest here, plenty of men have a … Continue reading

Tallahassee’s Top Thrift Spots

The college budget necessitates thrifting. Full-price clothing is burdensome and unrealistic. Luckily, Tallahassee thrives on artsy interpretations of trends and there are many options. Goodwill The natural first thought when thinking of thrifting. Goodwills everywhere provide clothing for next to … Continue reading

Instaglam: Top 10 Fashion Instagrams

We all use Instagram to keep up with people we know: the Kardashians, that girl at that party last weekend, etcetera. It’s a space where we can digitally archive and curate the content that we want to see, and when … Continue reading

Declutter for Summer: Clean Space for a Clean Mind

Summer will be here before we know it and a new season brings new trends, fashions, and just an overall breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect time for a closet purge and decluttering spaces in the home. Think of … Continue reading

Designer to Watch: Sandy Liang

It’s natural for designers to find inspiration through their everyday lives and surroundings and apply it to their work, and it’s no different for just-graduated designer, Sandy Liang. At just 24 years old, Liang has studied both architecture and design … Continue reading