Street Style of Tallahassee

For this article I spent a day talking and ambushing students of Tallahassee, trying to get a scope on the fashion scene around campus. I had the pleasure of getting to meet some really cool and laidback individuals, and I … Continue reading

The Fashionable Nerd

Remember when you were in grade school, you couldn’t wait until you got eye contacts because you hated your eyeglasses? The peers around you didn’t make you feel any better about yourself either huh? They probably called you many names … Continue reading

Organically Beautiful

As organic and environmentally friendly products become more and more popular (which is so wonderful!!) more and more organic beauty brands continue to pop up. Here are a few of the newest, oldest, and coolest organic beauty brands: Little Barn … Continue reading

A Campus Epidemic: Why Students Put Such Little Effort into How They Look for Class

It’s the quintessential statement of the college experience– “no one cares what you’re wearing.” In the simplest sense, somewhat true, but step back for a moment and there are many problems with accepting that proclamation for what it is. Presentation … Continue reading

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Healthy Living

Everyone knows the struggle to encourage themselves to exercise or eat healthy. Taking care of yourself is generally difficult to motivate yourself to do. Though, once you make a routine for yourself, healthy living seems a little bit easier. Here … Continue reading